Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

With the holiday season nearing, one needs to be able to find the perfect gift to give their friend or family member. However, this is not an easy task as receiving a gift. A good way to do this is finding a good wine bottle, especially for the wine lover ad awarding it to them. However, this is only half the gift if one brings the bottle. It needs to be complimented with something else. This is the second half of the gift. The wine lover will totally love the gift.

Wine Pajamas

Wine pajamas can be an awesome gift to give to the wine lover. This will let him or he know that one still thinks about their physical health. One should ensure they buy matching wine pajamas (find on Snugglenado) if the person is a lover. Alternatively, if he has a family, one can buy matching pajamas for the entire family. This gift will lead to many wonderful memories. He or she will always be appreciative of the effort.

Wine Thermometer

A wine thermometer is another wonderful gift for a wine lover. As a result, he or she will be able to note the accurate temperature of the wine just before he takes it. Best of all, the bottle does not need to be opened. The thermometer hugs the outside of the bottle in order to take the temperature. This thermometer is quite sturdy and does not require special care. It can be dropped a few times without developing any obvious dents.

Wine Rack

This is a great way to store up wine. Ideally, one should choose a rack that can hold the biggest wine bottles in the world. In addition, the rack should only be chosen if it is stylish. It needs to be something that one can place in the sitting room without t looking out of place.

Automated Corkscrew

Every wine lover will appreciate this device. At times, it can be near impossible to get the corks of the bottle without dropping the bottle or wastefully splashing some of the wine. The electric corkscrew makes it easy to open even the most difficult wine bottle in the world.


Most people will not even think of this gift. Wine, especially red wine may contain sediments at the bottom. The decanter simply helps to get rid of all the sediment to create a smooth and tasty wine. A wine lover will appreciate this gift. It shows him or her that you really took the time to think of him when buying this gift.

Wine-Based Cookbook

Many culinary delicacies can be made using wine. In addition, it provides a guide on how to pair the right food with the right type of wine. Each meal can be made better with the right bottle of wine. This book will go a long way in stimulating the wine lover’s taste buds. It will help him experience tastes he did not know existed.

All these gifts are an awesome way to show a wine lover they are appreciated. However, they need to come from the heart. This will mean one has to put on a real smile when presenting the gift.

How Solar Panels are Benefiting Wineries

The earth receives more energy from the sun each day than the amount of energy that the earth uses in a year. Midwest wineries have realized the potential that solar power holds and have begun utilizing it.

In May last year, the largest array of solar tracking panels was installed in Michigan. The Brengman Brothers Crain Hill Vineyards in Traverse City did this. Solar tracking simply means they can turn according to the position of the sun in the sky. The solar panels provided the Winery with 40% more energy than originally planned.

Brengman, the owner of the vineyard uses the zero metered system. He uses the solar energy he generates or feeds it back into the grid. The winery managed to generate about 30,000Kwh. The average home consumption in America is 11,000 KWh.

Many states already have a system that allows the utilities to buy green energy. As a result, they end up buying the energy from the winery than the price at which they sell it. According to Tom Karas, who conducts solar assessments in the Midwest, solar energy is very cost effective in the region. For instance, he described a 20,000 kW solar installation in Michigan as an example of economic solar has become. Solar is so affordable that it’s becoming mainstream for the average homeowner and it’s even common to see RV solar panels such as these from Talco Electronics.

Karas claims that the farmer in question was paying about $.26 to use electricity during the peak hours. However, after installing the $70,000 solar system, the farm should pay for the entire system in about four years. For a system to be considered viable, it should pay its initial cost back by ten years.

The Owen Valley winery owned by Anthony Leaderbrand switched on the 12,000 kWh solar installations in October 2013. Since then, the winery located in Indiana has been running primarily on solar power. This is a first of its kind in the state. Leaderbrand has since seen his power bill go down from $100 a month to $450 a month.

Both of these farms mentioned utilize smart meters. These can record electricity inflow an outflow to the grid. The wineries also benefit from the power use fluctuation. In winter, they use less power, which earns them energy credits. These can be used to pay for the power during the power intensive summer months. In addition, solar panels generate 40% more power in summer than winter. This energy over production is applied to the winery’s energy bill in winter.

According to Karas, more people should sign up for solar power due to the 30% federal tax credit. The tax credit can be useful in offsetting federal taxes by about 20 years. For now, Congress is unlikely to renew the 30% tax credit. However, it is not likely that they will scrap the system altogether. Instead, they will opt for a smaller 15% tax credit.

Another reason wineries should install solar is that control of electricity prices. As of now, the price rises by about 5% each year. With solar power, you do not have to worry about the steady rise in the cost of electricity. You will likely never see your electricity prices increase.

Besides the savings and low costs, it is a great PR exercise. Shiny solar panels are likely to attract bigger fans to a winery. This is especially with such a high awareness of the effects of global warming.

Project Seafood and Ultimaker are turning plastic waste into 3D Printed Artifacts

Project Seafood 3d prints recycled plastic waste from oceans

One thing that has become quite clear is that the world has a garbage problem. Each year, tons of garbage is deposited in landfills and in the sea. All this garbage is leaching harmful chemicals into the water and killing plants and animals. In addition, it is destroying the health of human beings who come into contact with the garbage

Dealing with a literal ocean of garbage

There are many ways to deal with garbage. One of the most effectives ones is recycling. However, the chain always ends up with the plastics in a landfill. This is because there is always more plastic material being produced in factories. One way to end the plastics disaster would be to stop using them. However, this may not be practical in all instances.

As a result, Project Seafood has collaborated with Ultimaker to make a meaningful contribution to dealing with garbage. The project involves cleaning up plastics on the beaches and then repurposing this garbage. The waste plastic is sent to be used by 3D printers. ]

3D printing redeems the plastic waste

The Project Seafood chose to work with Ultimaker because their printers are so easily modifiable. As a result, they made improvements, which include a larger nozzle, and dust filters. They created various objects which includes things such as a pair of cool shades. Before using the plastic, it is cleaned thoroughly. All the dirt is removed and the plastic is converted into filaments.

Making filament from waste plastic

Project Seafood is not hoping to repurpose all the garbage found on the beaches of the world. However, their small step could mean a lot for the war on plastics. Each year, these plastics kill huge quantities of wildlife. Furthermore, they leave sea creatures with lifelong deformities. By igniting a movement, they hope that individuals will be inspired to use up the plastic they have. This will reduce the amount that finds its way to the sea.

How Project Seafood is changing the Debate

For most people dealing with the question of dumping garbage into the sea is quite uncomfortable. Even policy makers do not want to talk about it. Everyone prefers to ignore the issue as it slowly chokes the planet to death. However, everyone always responds to art. It connects with us all in a way that is hard to find.

Everyone should join the project and modify the Ultimaker for this task. It could create a global movement that will spark a real debate about what is happening to the oceans. The Ultimaker Company is glad to be a part of this project. As long as their machines can make an impact on the world, they are happy to participate.

Bright minds behind the innovation

The couple behind the collaboration is in Switzerland. They are currently strategizing. Consequently, it is unlikely that it is the last the world hears of them. It is always great when a new technology can be used for good. Everyone who cares about the future should definitely support the couple. They are not fighting for themselves; they are fighting for the future of the planet.


3d Lawsuits with Major Companies Increasing as the industry seeks new frontiers

3D printing legal battles

There are a number of lawsuits which are related to 3 D technology. The main characteristics facing such lawsuits is a foggy legal framework on how to respond to them. This is isn’t something you regularly see discussed in 3d printer reviews, but should be a factor in deciding whether to buy from a particular company or not. The following are notable cases facing 3 D technology.

Form Labs vs 3D Systems

3D systems were the first company to do the commercial production of 3D printers. Its founders are also credited with creating 3D printing. A while back, a company on Kickstarter managed to raise enough capital to start their own company. However, 3D systems felt that Form labs had infringed on their SLA technology. The lawsuit went on for some time, during which Form labs continued to produce its machines. The case was eventually dismissed with prejudice, which means it cannot come before the courts again. Other companies have hopped on the bandwagon and are now using SLA as well.

MemJet vs HP

MemJet based in San Diego has recently taken HP to court over a claim of copyright infringement. The company claims that HP has stolen a unique 2D printing technology it developed and used it in its latest 3D printer. HP has recently entered 3D printing but is already facing some tough legal battles. MemJet’s main objective is to stop HP from using the technology and to get legal damages. HP, which would become the biggest player in 3D printing, will definitely slug it out with MemJet. This entire case will probably end in a settlement and HP will proceed to produce its printers.

Tiertime vs UCRobotics

Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd is a multinational company based in Beijing, China. It is engaged in the manufacture of industrial grade 3D equipment. The company claims that UCRobotics has infringed on its patent rights with the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. The company is seeking to have UCRobotics barred from ever producing the MakerBot with its current designs. The case has yet to be decided on and is still in the courts.

Expect lawsuits to increase

The patent lawsuits in the 3D printing industry are still very few. However, over the next few years, they could explode as business interests in 3D printing begin to grow.